Race Numbers


Race Bibs

Probably the first thing you will think of when putting on an event, we’ve produced hundreds of thousands of bibs for all types of events from local 5K runs, mass participation marathons, national championship triathlons and UCI sanctioned cycling events.


We know different races have different requirements which is why we offer 2 types of bibs.


This is our cheapest option for race bibs, suitable for most events.
A strong material with good tear resistance meaning bibs don’t fall off during the run like can happen with cheaper paper materials.

We print Pretex in house so can do bibs at short notice if you suddenly realise you need extra pieces leading up to race day.


Our premium bib material features industry leading tear resistance and fully waterproof meaning this is suitable for all races including triathlons and obstacle runs.

Tyvek can also be perforated so you can have tear offs incorporated in to your bib for baggage drop, tee-shirt collection or any other use you can think of.



Our printers can handle a full colour print meaning you can have any design you want on your bib, or if you prefer to keep it simple and cheaper then simple black and white bibs are available too.

In-House Design Team

Our experienced in-house design team can design your bibs for you, just send over any logos and artwork you want to include and we’ll give you designs made to the same high standard as some of the UK’s leading events.


The last word any race organiser wants to hear at an event, all of the bibs which leave our warehouse have emergency details printed on the rear. This includes space for runners to fill our any personal medical conditions and their emergency contact details. We can even customise bibs for your event with your specific emergency procedures.


Multi-Sport Sets

If you’re hosting a multi-sport event such as a triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon then you’ll need to provide some extra materials to your athletes.

Sticker Sets

Crucial for multi-sports events which include a cycle leg we’ve developed sheets of stickers which are pre-cut for participants. We only use the highest quality of stickers which are tear-proof,waterproof and high-adhesive meaning they won’t let you down even in the harshest conditions.

Our standard template includes;

1 x long seat post sticker
3 x small stickers perfect for helmets, baggage or supporters!

If you have any other requirements then let us know as we can produce nearly any combination of stickers.


Don’t worry, we won’t be sending you a tattoo gun!

Our tattoo sets are temporary tattoos which can be easily applied with just water, most important for events including swimming and everybody loves tatting themselves up before an event to show off!


Race Pack

Having each individual participants race materials pre-packed and labels ensures your race pack distribution is as smooth as can be.


We can print full colour envelopes which can be printed with individual runner details, available in a range of sizes depending on your requirements.

C5 Envelope – Suitable for A5 race bibs, flyers and small parts

C4 Envelope – Suitable for all race bibs, flyers and tee-shirts.

Poly-Pack – A plastic wallet to include everything you need to post to participants

We can event print the address on and mail them out directly to participants, see more on our Race Pack Mailing HERE

Small Parts

Why waste time trying to find boxes of safety pins or bags of cable ties, we have thousands in stock ready to ship to your event with your race bibs.